Treatment Room

Esoteric Massage is the art of clearing or transmuting energy that has built up through daily life and is inhibiting us from living our life to its full potential. The treatment focuses on the fundamental areas of the lower back, spine and the calves, but goes much deeper and can be felt throughout the body.

The body takes on stress from the way that we live our life – when we neglect ourselves, or give our power away to others thus getting tired and depleted, or when we let the pressures of the outside world overwhelm us. As a result our bodies contract and we can feel this most acutely in the muscles and alignment of the body.

It is not enough to simply clear the muscles of this overload, to give temporary relief, as this is merely shifting the disharmony from where it can be felt and allowing it to go deeper into the body where it will resurface.

Esoteric Massage uses specific techniques to de-construct or de-configure the stress and tension in the body allowing it to release the stuck energy, as well as supporting an enormous energetic release through the stillness that can be clearly felt after a treatment.