Body Alignment

The human body breaks down because there is dis-harmony, meaning the body contracts. As a result, the body takes on the form of the dis-harmony and reflects it back for us to feel, observe and change OR, ignore and suffer the consequences.

Esoteric Body Alignment Therapy plays an important role in identifying and correcting these patterns in the body, that ultimately refer back to a root condition. The technique helps the body to self-correct, so it can heal before it creates more severe latter stage illnesses.

If the body is treated with the affectionate care it deserves, as part of an ongoing loving ritual, it will not only perform/function better (self-correct) as we would conventionally imagine, it also helps the human mind to accept its true purpose by becoming more aware of its responsibility in keeping the whole in harmony.

This gentle. non-manipulative technique is beneficial for all as it dissolves muscle memories and restores the true spherical nature of the joints thereby helping the body to free itself of restrictive behavioural patterns and to create space in the body for healing to occur. It is particularly useful in the treatment of structural issues, physical aches and pains such as back pain, general stiffness, frozen shoulders and helping in the mending of broken bones. It is also very supportive with other treatments.